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Aki (Akie)
Name(s) Akie
Gender Female
Family Kei (her nephew), Yumi (her niece)

Dr. Tomoki was mentioned to be 28 years old, so Aki could be around that age also since the game suggests they had a close relationship long ago


Pudding, being joyful as she is seen almost always smiling, encouraging Kei and Yumi to do better in their stages, having fun


In Ape Escape 3, she is shown to have a love for pudding. Therefore, she wouldn't like people taking her own pudding from her since she thought Yumi would in the first cutscene.

Appears in

Ape Escape 3 , Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, Ape Academy 2

Voice actor(s)

America Julie Nathanson (AE3)

EuropeMaria Darling (AE3)

Aki, known in Japan and Europe as Akie (アキエ), is an intelligent scientist like the Professor, and she is Kei and Yumi's aunt. She made her first appearance in Ape Escape 3. In Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission.

Appearance Edit

Aki wears a white sweater with yellow sleeves. She wears blue pants and wears brown gloves.

Personality Edit

Aki has a very bubbly personality, as she stays positive throughout the events of Ape Escape 3, and is very supportive of Kei and Yumi. She can be a bit of an airhead, as she was almost tricked by Specter's hypnosis.

Biography Edit

Prototype Peak Point Helmet Edit

The Professor, Aki, and Dr. Tomoki were lab partners for the Monkey Helmet Research Team a long ago. During a freak accident, Tomoki got the prototype Peak Point Helmet stuck to his head.

Ape Escape 3 Edit

Aki was eating pudding when the Monkeys returned. Since the Professor, along with Spike and Jimmy, were hypnotized, she took over as the support for Kei and Yumi. She also developed the Morph Gear for the twins.

Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission Edit

Aki is one of the many characters that were captured by Specter when Spike and Natalie were shrunken down.

Other Appearances Edit

Ape Academy 2 Edit

Aki makes a cameo in Ape Academy 2, as a secret card in Pink Pop Paradise. She is worth 5000 Specter Coins, and needs 11 Banana's to use. Her game is Monkey Drill 2.

Trivia Edit

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