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Ape Escape: On the Loose™
Ape Escape On The Loose logo gamescanner
Full name

Japan サルゲッチュ P!
Saru! Get You! P!/ Saru Getchu P!)




SCE Japan



Release Date(s)

Japan March 17, 2005
America March 22, 2005
Europe May 5, 2006

Ape Escape: On the Loose, known as Ape Escape P in Europe, and as Saru Get You P! in Japan (サルゲッチュ P!) is a port of Ape Escape, and was released on the PlayStation Portable in 2005 ~ 2006. This new version features several changes since the initial release.

Changes Edit

This list contain notable changes between Ape Escape, on the original PlayStation, and this port.

  • Due to the PSP not having a Right Analog Stick and a L2 & R2 Buttons, the controls are different.
    • Spike now jumps with X, but as a result, Spike can only equip 3 Gadgets instead of 4.
    • Gadgets such as the Sky Flyer and Dash Hoop that require Analog Rotation are now used by mashing the button, while Gadgets such as the Monkey Radar and R.C. Car are used with the D-Pad.
  • A new Enemy Book is available, describing enemies, aside from the Monkey Book.
  • Casi's Data, a bunch of quotes and expression are available only in the Japanese and PAL versions. Those can be found through the yellow USB key in the Save/ Load computer, just after the enemy book.
  • There are 4 minigames available: Specter Boxing, Ski Kidz Racing, Ape Ping Pong and Jake Attacks.
    • Specter Boxing and Ski Kidz Racing have been updated and heavily modified.
    • Galaxy Monkey has been removed, likely due to the PS not having right sticks.
  • Strangely and interestingly, Jake's hairstyle has also changed, also for unknown reasons.
  • The European version uses the Japanese character names, despite both the original game and the US version using English ones.

Minigames Edit

Required Tokens (/60)
Ski Kidz Racing Ape Escape Ski Kidz Racing 10
Specter Boxing Ape Escape Specter Boxing 20
Ape Ping Pong Ape Escape On the loose APP 40
Jake Attacks Ape Escape On the Loose JA 30

Gallery Edit


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game to be a remake of another game.
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