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Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission™
Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission
Full name

Japan サルゲッチュ ー サルサル大作戦
 Sarugetchu Saru Saru Daisakusen







Release Date(s)

Japan July 26, 2007

Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, also called Ape Escape: SaruSaru Master Moves and known in Japan as Saru Get You: Saru Saru Daisakusen (サルゲッチュサルサル大作戦), is a spin-off Ape Escape game.

Story Edit

Specter kidnaps the Professor, Aki, Sayaka, Satoru, Hikaru and shrinks his laboratory, with Kakeru and Natsumi and who he kidnapped inside. Despite that, the lab is at least small enough to be disguised as a Pipo Helmet, which then Natsumi and Kakeru have to control the monkeys (named Piposaru in Japan) to help rescue their friends as well as defeat Specter.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike other stand-alone titles in the series such as Pipo Saru 2001 and Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, the game borrows heavily from Ape Escape 3. The same graphic engine is used, which is a first for Ape Escape, as usually all game's graphic's are re-created for each game. In a different approach to the normal Ape Escape gameplay, SaruSaru Big Mission has you controlling the Pipo Helmet shaped lab. By latching it onto a monkey, they can gain control of it, including any abilities it may have. If the monkey takes too much damage, they will lose control of it. The aim is to utilize the monkeys' abilities to reach the end of the level safely.

Levels Edit

Level Name # of monkeys Monkey Total

(Sansan Beach)

8 8

(Chapuchapu Jungle)

10 18

(Fukaikowai Palace)

10 28

(Showdown! Monkey Red)

1 29

(Kodaina Museum)

12 41

(Zeppekida Castle)

14 55

(Dokotonaku Ruins)

11 66

(Showdown! Monkey Blue)

1 67

(Ijiwaruna Lab)

9 76

(Nanitsukuru Factory)

12 88

(Sweet Trap Mountain)

12 100

(Showdown! Monkey Yellow)

1 101

(Dokodemo Trapland)

11 112

(Kurakura Airship)

12 124

(Donyori Horror House)

18 142

(Showdown! Monkey Pink)

1 143

(Morino oak Fortress)

20 163

(Biribiri Electronic Base)

21 184

(Dekasugīru Satellite)

21 205

(Showdown! Monkey White)

1 206

(Deciding Battle! Specter)

1 207

(Final Battle! Specter)

1* 207

*This is just Specter again, so doesn't add anything to the total.

Minigames Edit

In this game, there's only one minigame, ガチキング (Gachi Kingu), and although there's less minigames this time around, the one it does have goes more in-depth than some previous ones. A basic understanding is that players use Frames, Backgrounds, and Pipo monkeys they have acquired to create cards, and depending on all of those things and some other factors too, their cards are given stats, specifically HP, Balance, Offense, and Hit. Players can then compete with a single card they have against another player or CPUs.

See more: Gachi Kingu

Passwords Edit

Much like previous titles, this game has a password system. To get to the password screen, simply hold down L and R, then press START on the title screen. Note: every password must be input in katakana. This means that to get to the right keyboard, you must press SELECT once at the Password screen.

Password Reward
ファミツウキング ガゲル (Kakeru / Spike monkey)
ミンナノアイドル ザヤガ (Sayaka / Yumi monkey)
ガイコツダイオウ ガイコツン (Skeleton monkey)
デンゲキデンゲキ デンゲキフレーム (Playstation Frame)

Trivia Edit

  • The game features monkeys based on Kei and Yumi, which is a possible direct follow up to Ape Escape 3 having monkeys based on Spike and Jimmy, which are based on Spork and Shimmy.

Gallery Edit

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