Ape Escape Cartoon DVD

Ape Escape is a series of cartoon shorts developed by Frederator Studios, Hawaii Film Partners, Project 51 Productions and Showcase Entertainment which aired on Nicktoons in 2009. It is based on Sony Computer Entertainment's Ape Escape video game franchise, with characters and designs based on Ape Escape 2 in particular, and focuses around Specter's attempts to take over the world with his monkey army, while Jimmy, Natalie, and the Professor try their best to stop him.

Synopsis Edit

"Evil monkey-genius Specter is plotting to take over the world by controlling his monkey minions through mind-controlling “pipo helmets”. Luckily for us, there exists twelve-year-old Jimmy, his best friend Natalie, and Natalie’s grandfather, the Professor, who are out to thwart the super villain at all costs. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt our heroes that Specter’s legion of apes is only slightly brighter than a box of bricks.)"

Development Edit

Frederator first announced that they have obtained the cartoon rights to Ape Escape on May 31, 2007. Various talents were brought in to help including Doug TenNapel and Andrew Dickman. The character designs are based on Ape Escape 2, with Jimmy as the protagonist. The animations are primarily animated using Adobe Flash. The shorts were completed in 2008 and were sent to Nicktoons in 2009. The shorts were released on DVD in the United Kingdom by Lions Gate Home Entertainment on February 18, 2013.

Voice Actors Edit

Voice Actor Role
Annie Mumolo Jimmy, Natalie
Greg Ellis Specter
Eric Bauza Professor, Pipo Monkeys

List of Shorts Edit

  1. I Scream
  2. Knock Knock
  3. Chalkboard Jungle
  4. An Ape In the Neck
  5. Blubber is Blubber
  6. Monkey to the Nth
  7. And A Side Order of Uki Uki
  8. Paint Brush Off
  9. Laser Eyes
  10. Ape Date
  11. Sorry Wrong Monkey
  12. The Almost Perfect Plan
  13. Him Can't Swim
  14. Science Gone Bananas
  15. Size Matters
  16. Clearin' The Pipes
  17. Belly's Big Day
  18. For Sale by Monkey
  19. Banana My Love
  20. Who's Your Daddy
  21. Baby Monkey
  22. Driving School
  23. The Dematerialist
  24. Babes In Arms Way
  25. Vacation
  26. Smile
  27. The Really Totally Expensive Clinic
  28. Jimmy Needs A Helmet
  29. Jimmy Makes A Specter of Himself
  30. Egghead
  31. Bananaween
  32. Make a Burger
  33. Time Machine
  34. Gnomes
  35. Stuck Together
  36. Wrong Master
  37. A Brain Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
  38. Law and Odor

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Trivia Edit

  • This, along with the Ape Escape Shorts are the only animated media where Spike does not appear.
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