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Ape Escape Racing™
Ape Escape Racing
Full name

Japan サルゲッチュ ピポサルレーサ
Saru Get You: Pipo Saru Racer




SCE Japan



Release Date(s)

Japan December 7, 2006

Ape Escape Racing, known in Japan as Saru Get You: Pipo Saru Racer (サルゲッチュ: ピポサルレーサ) is a kart racing game featuring the monkeys from the Ape Escape series.

In Ape Escape Racer you will 'build' your monkey into a racing machine, by giving him an engine and tires. The game will feature 47 'vehicles', each in two forms: one specialized in drifting, one specialized in acceleration. Other moulds for vehicles are unlocked as you go through the ranks

The main game consists of playing four tracks in a grand prix. The better you do each time will fill a monkey bar at the top of the grand prix menu. Once this bar is filled a VS mode is unlocked where you have to play the tracks again but an evil, much faster monkey is involved in the races. If you become overall #1 then you will 'rank up' and unlock another 4 tracks and so on.

You can replay the levels you have unlocked in a normal race form or in a time trial form.

Each of the tracks are set in the same arena but the path changes to a harder one as you unlock more. The tracks are set in this order. The Beach, The City, The Graveyard and The Jungle. These are not the original names but the author's interpretation.

The game uses the PlayStation Portable's wireless capabilities by using Gamesharing and ad hoc for wireless LAN multiplayer races.

11 months after its first release, the game was added into the 'PSP The Best' series'.

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