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Blue Monkey
Blue Monkey
Gender Male
Family unknown

Pink Monkey in Ape Escape 3, Aki in Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission, riding his unicycle and being a speedster

Appears in

Ape Escape 2, Ape Escape 3

Member of

The Freaky Monkey Five

Voice actor(s)

Japan Takahiro Sakurai (games), Yokuyoshi Kawashima (Anime) America Greg Abbey (AE2) Michael Gough (Ape Escape 3 + Academy) Europe Richard Pearce (AE2 + Academy) Simon Greenall (AE3)

Blue Monkey, known as Monkey Blue in the American and Europe verison of Ape Escape 3, and Ukki Blue in Japan and in Ape Acadamy (ウッキーブルー), is a member of The Freaky Monkey Five. He was the weakest of the group in Ape Escape 2, but became fourth strongest in Ape Escape 3.

He is skilled with a unicycle, gun, and bikes in general and can be considered the fastest of the group.

Appearance Edit


Blue Monkey as seen in Ape Escape 2.

In Ape Escape 2, Blue Monkey wore a blue jumpsuit like one piece outfit with fingerless gloves, big silver kneepad like pieces of metal, and blue and silver shoes. He wears a blue Pipo Helmet modified to cover one eye with a big white B on it. His specter badge is located on his waist, connected to his belt. He is either the second or third tallest of the Freaky Monkey Five and the skinniest next to Pink Monkey.

In Ape Escape 3, Blue Monkey is seen wearing the same outfit but less tight and with a long blue cape, non fingerless gloves, a cowboy hat and an X shaped Ammo holder across his chest. He is now skilled in gunmanship, sporting a banana-styled revolver. His Specter badge is still on his waist.


A confident speedster with the attitude of a teenager. Since his first appearance he has matured greatly. Despite being pretty weak, his intelligence and speed can make him a worthy opponent. He loves speed and enjoys risky or possibly dangerous stunts, given how hard and dangerous his original boss battlefield is.

Like the other Freaky Monkey Five his occupation changes with each game or series. He's confident and sure of himself. And its possible he falls in love very easily, having a massive crush on Monkey Pink. Shown by a special music box he carries with him at all times that contains a picture of her inside. After beating Kei/Yumi he had desired to ask her out. But its not revealed if he ever did or not, as he lost the boss battle.

In SaruSaru Big Mission he developed feelings for Aki and while she was shrunk, he was trying to treat her to a nice dinner until he was interrupted. So it can be said, he is quite the romantic if given the chance.

Biography Edit

Taking Vita-Z Bananas Edit

Blue Monkey, along with four other chosen monkeys, were given Vita-Z Bananas from Specter.

Ape Escape 2 Edit

The first of the group to be fought, Blue Monkey rides a unicycle while the battle area is a four-way crossing in the sky. Each of the four lanes has a big traffic light and when it turns blue, that means its safe to cross. When yellow that means to be cautious and when it turns red the lane will begin to break apart. If this happens while the player is on it, they will fall to their doom and have to restart.

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed Edit

He and the other Freaky Monkey Five appear as cameos as possible fans of the player character if unlocked because of a well performance. Blue Monkey will be a fan if the player can win the Hoops 1 challenge and gives the player a free outfit.

Ape Escape 3 Edit

Blue West
Blue Monkey is fought second in Ape Escape 3, after White Monkey. His theme in this game is Cowboy and he rides a motorized unicycle this time. After being hit/knocked off a few times he will switch to a machine gun and shoot at you as you sneak your way to him until being hit so many times he gets stunned and able to capture.

During his battle, robots dressed in Cowboy attire proceed to pop out of the windows to shoot at you. This is handy in order to obtain Cookies or morph stock should you be low on either.

The area itself takes place in an abandoned part of the Western levels. A "ghost town" of sorts. Wanted posters of him can be seen when the player enters the area.

Signature Move ("Gonna Getcha!" in US, "Bombs Away!" in EU): Racing around the stage quickly, Blue monkey throws around several dynamites. They may blow up the robots as well if in the way.

Aki reveals when Kei/Yumi return to the TV Station after capturing him, that he mumbles about the rules of a Wild West gunman.

Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission Edit

Blue Monkey has formed a massive crush on Aki and has taken her into his hiding spot in order to spend private time with her.

Other Appearances Edit

Ape Escape Academy/Ape Academy 2 Edit

Blue Monkey and the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five are used as "teachers" to the player's character.

he is the teacher for Junior Year 2, and gives the game Gran Turismonkey if all 3 Specter Coins are won.

in Ape Academy 2, he is the first boss and runs Traffic Safety Island. he needs 10 Bananas to be used. his game is I Brake For Banana.

Saru Get You ~On Air~ Edit

In the anime, Blue Monkey takes on a Indiana Jones like appearence and is themed as an adventurer. He gains a whip for a weapon this time.

Time Trial Edit

  • Ape Escape 2
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
  • Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed (Stage: Hoops 1)
    • ID Card - 50 Coins
    • Fanmail - 150 Coins
    • Prize - 200 Coins
  • Ape Escape 3
    • Bronze - 04' 00" 0
    • Silver - 03' 00" 0
    • Gold - 02' 30" 0


Trivia Edit

  • In Ape Escape 3, its revealed his birthday is September 11th.
  • In the anime, Monkey Blue is the only character to speak English, besides Japanese.
  • In Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, Blue Monkey is a fan if you do well on the Hoops 1 stage, referencing his original debut battle.
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