Bootown / Little House of Horrors is the 6th level in Ape Escape 3.

Channel Guide Edit

Bootown / Little House of Horrors is Channel 6. Here, "Monday the 16th -- Nightmare on Ape Street" / "Monday the 16th: Nightmare on Palm Street" is recorded

Description Edit

NTSC: Ukkison's comin' to get-get-get-getcha! An average day turns nightmarish in the blink of an eye...Don't watch it alone!

PAL: What happens when seven teenage apes get together for a hormone-driven weekend camping trip? Not much with a serial killer on the loose!

Appearance Edit

Bootwon is in 4 main parts: The Carnival, the Pumpkin Woods, Spooky Lake, and Haunted House. The carnival has a fairground and a big top where you fight Jumbo-robo, the Pumpkin Woods is a forest area with tons of pumpkins that contain morph charge and coins, the Spooky lake is a lake guarded by Ukkison, and the Haunted house is a stony interior area with ghoulish monkeys.

Monkey List Edit

NTSC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PAL
Monkey Name Monkey Title Monkey Name Monkey Title
Monkichiro Diver Wil Diver
Leomon Bodyguard Leomonk Bodyguard
Uikkun Hunter Uikky Hunter
Take Ukita Horse breaker Mac Animal trainer
Bonbon Driver Monmon Driver
ChiChi Driver Cheechee Driver
Ukkisuke Beat monkey Ookiesuke Expendable
Chibi Sally Beat monkey Pauline B Reliable
Ukkison Bad guy Jasoon Villain
Saruhotep Bad guy Mummeek Villain
Ukkito Hero Ukito Ally
Monzally Victim Mika-chan Victim
Ukkiami Victim Naked Ape Victim
Monjan Bad guy Dan Jr. Ous Bad guy
Nattchan Mummy Toot N. Khamen Mummy
Kabochin Background Pumpkid Backdrop
Ukki Mon Cameramonkey Ethan Cameraman
Mumpkin Scenery Monkpin Backgrounds

Time Trial Edit

  • Bronze - 00' 50" 0
  • Silver - 00' 35" 0
  • Gold - 00' 28" 0

Trivia Edit

  • Many homages to the Horror genre are referenced here:
    • Ukkison and the lake is a direct reference to Jason and Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th, which, along with Nightmare on Elm Street, is where the channel name is taken from.
    • The large painting on the wall before the final area is a reference to the famous painting of Vlad the Impaler
    • The final bedroom area is a reference to The Exorcist, and the shower is a reference to Psycho.

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