2 rows of chips to grab~!

Chips or Gold Coins are currency in the series. They are little chunks of gold found along the levels either from an enemy or right in front of you along a path. Usually they can be found in hidden groups or underwater also. Sometimes near bigger chips, or a Specter Coin.

May, or may not be related to Specter Coins.

Chips are vital to collect for a player in order to gain extra lives. When a player starts or has recieved a game over they will have 3 lives but for every 100 chips collected, a life is recieved.

In three, they cannot be used for that as they are used as currency only, in order to buy games, lives, health, and other random objects.

A special chip can be found in levels. Instead of being worth 1 chip they are worth 5 or more points. They are usually found by random encounter with an enemy, or within a group of smaller ones.

Their appearence and use changes with each game.

Ape Escape/On the LooseEdit

In Ape Escape, and Ape Escape: On the Loose they are simple hollowed out triangles shown to be upside down on a single point. Picking up a bigger one will be worth five points instead of just one.

Ape escape 2Edit

In Ape Escape 2 as seen above, they are simple coin shapes, but upon collecting so many they turn into silver stars, which doubles/5x the points given for each picked up. Upon picking up enough of them they turn into golden double stars that are 10x the amount. However, these only stay for a few seconds and then revert to their previous stage if not collected quickly.

Ape Escape 3Edit

In Ape Escape 3 the circles gain a Hexagon/pointed shape. They act the same way as in Ape Escape 2.


  • In Ape Escape 2 and 3 the chips can upgrade to silver and gold stars.
  • They are also referred to as Gold Coins in Ape Escape 2.
  • In Ape Escape 2, the player can't hold more than 999 Gold Coins.


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