Cookies (or biscuits in some parts of the world) are used as health or a health bar in series. The player can

A full row of cookies~

usually only hold up to five cookies at a time and depending on the game, will either lose an entire cookie for each hit, or loose part of a cookie.

Once all five cookies are gone the player will lose a life, or shirt and will have to restart the level but not recapture the monkeys already obtained in said level.

The cookies appear to be plain wafers/cookies and can be obtained many ways throughout levels:

  1. From enemies.
  2. Buy them from shops in AE3.
  3. Locating a Gotcha box in the level.
  4. Boxes, Jars, and other item holders.

There are also very rare cookies that can be found or bought also. A big cookie, which resembles a chocolate chip cookie. It restores every cookie slot on the health bar.

The cookies only appear in the main series games and are vital items needed to survive in the world of Ape Escape.


  • The cookies have the word "Saru" printed on them


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