Eversummer Island / Summer Island is the 15th level in Ape Escape 3.

Channel Guide Edit

Eversummer Island is Channel 15. Here, "National Ape -- Series 36: Monkey Paradise" / "Wonders of the World -- Part 36, Monkey Shangri-La" is filmed.

Description Edit

NTSC: Popular series showing ever-fascinating places around the world. For this 36th episode tribute, a mysterious isle that had been a no-no for cameras...

PAL: Come and visit a luscious jungle with no lions, no poachers, and more bananas than you can imagine, Never before filmed for a viewing audience!

Appearance Edit

Eversummer Island is an isle with smaller islands, a sunken area, a village, and a jungle. The jungle is filled with fruit and has a large river.

Monkey List Edit

NTSC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PAL
Monkey Name Monkey Title Monkey Name Monkey Title
Ukki Mat Drifter McKee Lost at sea
Salumani Stunt monkey Salmonie Stuntman
Salulu Local Salulu Local
Baku Sightseer Bakoo Observer
Salunch Resting Davis On break
Pincher-mon Passerby Al Monde Bystander
Mong Popo Athelete Gorilaz Athlete
Mohcha Shy boy Moogy Shy boy
Kamcha Merchant Kiet Merchant
Bimocha Traveller Pravat Traveller
Gimchin Land owner Sam Duong Landowner
Kamaccha Local Lanh Local
Gyamu Bad guy Louie Bad guy
Takumon Local Milo Local
Ukki Ether Local Charmie Local
Tartan Local Tarzoon Local
Molzone Master Mulzon Guru
Chappio Actress Chapio Assistant
Pomoah Explorer Zeger Explorer
Gucchai Boxer Goochy Boxer
Makaccho Athelete Machiacho Athlete
Gamaran Bad guy Keanu Smeeves Bad guy
Larry Observer Larry Observer

Trivia Edit

  • Tartan/Tarzoon is a reference to Tarzan of the Apes.
  • The village area of the level seems to be based on unused found in Ape Escape 2

Gallery Edit

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