Galaxy Monkey
Ape Escape Galaxy Monkey

Minigame from

Ape Escape PAL

Unlocked by

Collecting 40 Specter Coins


1 ~ 100 (/MAX)

Flying Saucer Availables

2 (Player One : Gray. Player Two : Red)

Galaxy Monkey is the third mini-game which can be unlocked in Ape Escape.


Galaxy Monkey is an arcade game where the player control a flying saucer (with a monkey in the cockpit) to destroy enemies. The left analog stick controls movement and the right stick directs shoots lasers. The player can choose between the gray flying saucer (if the player insert the DualShock controller into the Port 1) or the red flying saucer (if the player insert the DualShock controller into the Port 2)

Normal Play Edit

The normal mode is a never-ending mode which always follow the same pattern and increases the enemy number until the level MAX is reached. After this, the game will continue.

3 Minute Time Attack Edit

The goal in this challenge is to make the highest score.

  • The best strategy for this is to obtain power-ups early in the minigame, in order to increase the UFO's shoot laser number (up to 3). This can be done by waiting a few seconds when the first two UFOs appears (or waiting until they go over the High Score green text) in Level 1 in order to get the first power-up.
  • The second earliest power-up is available at Level 3 where the monkey needs to wait until Bloata (or the giant pig) go over the red lines (even after they disappear.). This scheme can be reproduced through the whole minigame.

Score Edit

Bloata 200 points.
Tentacus 400 points
Tocus 800 points.
Spheroids 5024 points.
UFOs 100 points.


Galaxy Monkey Main Screen

Ape Escape ~ Galaxy Monkey 3 Minute Time Attack

Ape Escape ~ Galaxy Monkey 3 Minute Time Attack


Trivia Edit

  • Galaxy Monkey is unavailable in Ape Escape: On the Loose. It has been replaced by Ape Ping Pong. The reasoning behind this modification is most likely because Galaxy Monkey was a Twin Stick Shooter, but because the PSP lacks dual analogs, it was cut.
  • To obtain the red UFO, plug the DualShock controller into the Port 2.
  • It's a never-ending game. After MAX level, the game continue but without increasing enemy number.
  • Power-ups are generated randomly. However, it has been discovered that they can be generated by waiting few seconds each two level cycle (first cycle is when two UFOs appears on the top, second cycle is when 2 Bloatas appears on the left.)
  • Spheroids can appear randomly, early in the minigame. How to force them appearing is currently unknown.
  • The theme that plays in this minigame is the same one that plays in the final battle against Specter in the Peak Point Matrix. This can be considered somewhat symbolic, as you must capture Specter in space.
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