Magic Punch
Magic Punch AE1

Appears In

Ape Escape NTSC-U Ape Escape 2 USA PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Used By

Spike, Jimmy, Kei, Yumi


Destroy objects that the Stun Club can't.

The Magic Punch (マジックパンチ), is the final Gadget the player receives in Ape Escape and Ape Escape 2. It is a powerful punch to bash through walls. You can only get the Magic Punch once you have successfully completed the game.

Description Edit

The Magic Punch is arguably the most powerful gadget in your arsenal. It has great power, as well as range and speed. The item resembles a spring loaded, red boxing glove.

This item appears in Ape Escape (as well as On the Loose) and Ape Escape 2 once completing the game. It's primary use is to break specific objects, but can also second as a weapon in place of the stun club.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Edit

The Magic Glove appears in Spike moveset as his Forward + Circle. Spike quickly punches his opponents, and if the player holds down the Circle Button, then Spike charges the attack as the Magic Stun Punch, which can temporally stun opponents in place for a while. Like in Ape Escape, this is one of Spike's strongest Gadgets.


Trivia Edit

  • This item does not appear in Ape Escape 3, despite 100% completion.
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