Monkey Climber
Ape Escape 2 Monkey Climber

Minigame from

Ape Escape 2
How to unlock

Clear The Lost Valley

Monkey Climber is a minigame featured in Ape Escape 2.

Description Edit

In Monkey Climber, the player controls a monkey whose goal is to climb around and collect five bananas before time runs out.

The monkey climbs on ropes produced by Eggplant Bees. The minigame also relies on building up the momentum of ropes by swinging them back and forth in order to cross gaps.

The only enemy present in this minigame is the Tomato Bird.

How to play Edit

The L2 button grasps with the monkey's right hand and R2 button grasps with the monkeys left. This however, becomes the opposite as the monkey rotates causing it to switch hands while still grasping the rope, which makes the minigame confusing to get the hang of. The left stick moves the monkey while it's grasped with its left hand and the right stick moves the monkey while it's grasped with its right hand. This also becomes the opposite once the monkey rotates and switches hands, making it so the player is controlling the other hand with the same stick.

Levels Edit

There are five levels of difficulty:

  1. Neanderthal
  2. Peon
  3. Expert
  4. Master
  5. Psycho

Each difficulty takes place in a different stage from the main game, and requires the player to beat all six levels of the difficulty within a certain time limit.

Neanderthal difficulty takes place within the Lost World stage. Peon difficulty takes place within the Pirate Isle stage. Expert difficulty takes place within the Simian Citadel stage. Master difficulty takes place within the Panic Pyramid stage. Psycho difficulty takes place within the Enter the Monkey stage.

Trivia Edit

  • The dialogue received upon death changes depending on how many bananas were obtained.

Gallery Edit

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