Monkey Radar

Appears In

Ape Escape NTSC-U Ape Escape 2 USA Ape Escape 3 PlayStation Move Ape Escape, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Used By

Spike, Jimmy, Kei, Yumi


Finding Pipo Monkey (AE1+2+3), or summoning them (PSASBR)

The Monkey Radar, known in Japan as the Saru Radar (サルレーダー), is a Gadget that allows you to see where a Monkey is. It is essential to getting 100% in a level, unless one already knows the monkey's whereabouts. Much like other main items, such as the Stun Club and Time Net, it's a staple item of the series that appears in the three main entries, as well as On the Loose.

Appearance Edit

The Monkey Radar is a silver metal device consisting of a circular/boxed hand piece that the player can use both hands to grip onto. While a long metal pole allows the satellite part to stay up and circle around freely in order to check all the areas surrounding it.


Its one of the first few items you receive from Natalie and the Professor. It works much like a heat seeking device, by using the satellite piece at the top it can detect any nearby monkeys.

However, that is its ONLY use. As in, once you locate the ape you must switch to stun club or net in order to capture it. Which can make using this helpful gadget a bit of a task. When using it, the light on the top piece will begin to glow red and become more frequent as you get closer.

Upon being nearby you can actually view the ape it tracked and added in later games, when close to the monkey, a Pipo Monkey icon will pop up. Upon using the camera, the player can see the monkey's stats. Such as name, description, and things such as Speed, Attack, and Alert.


Trivia Edit

  • The Monkey Radar is one of the only Gadgets to remain unchanged throughout games/the series.
  • Its one of the only gadgets used only in the main series. Most likely because in a game like Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed, it wouldn't provide any use to the player.
  • It is implied that the Peak Point Helmet worn by Specter has a built-in signal blocker, as, although he himself is a monkey, he cannot be detected by the Monkey Radar.
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