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Monkey White
White Monkey
Gender Male
Appears in

Ape Escape 2, Ape Escape 3

Member of

Freaky Monkey Five

White Monkey (ウッキーホワイト Ukī Howaito?) is the most intelligent member of the Freaky Monkey Five. He can build various robots, such as Robo-Jimmy and the White Dragon, that usually have at least one major weak spot. In Ape Escape 2, White Monkey gets his hands on Jimmy's data, and creates Robot Jimmy, unto which White could control. However, Jimmy had managed to defeat Specter, & White foreshadows about their plan about Pipotchi's abduction and the "Lethargy Laser". He makes a cameo appearance as a fan in P&P, and returned as an FMF member in 3, in which his signature attack, entitled I'm Gonna Shish-Kabob You! involves his mechanical dragon to breathe fire. However, instead of being the fourth to fight, he is the first. In Ape Escape anime, he is seen wearing all white, he has two springy cones on his head, and he rides on a flying saucer. He also has a special ray gun that can stop time. (In Ape Escape Academy, his name is Ukki White). In rank of strength, White Monkey is second strongest, but falls to last in AE3.

Time Trial Edit

  • Ape Escape 2
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
  • Ape Escape 3
    • Bronze - 01' 30" 0
    • Silver - 01' 00" 0
    • Gold - 00' 45" 0
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