The very first Peak Point helmet viewing

The Peak Point Helmet (ピーク・ポイント・ヘルメット), also known as Pipo Helmet (ピポヘル) and sometimes called a Monkey Helmet, is an experimental device made by the Professor. This device controls the wearer and increases its intelligence. It was stated by the Professor (from Saru Get You ~On Air~ season 1, episode 1) that the Peak Point Helmet increases a monkey's intelligence by 300%. This device appears in every game and is the origin of the whole story.

In the first game, how Specter found the helmet is not explicitly explained. However, in Ape Escape 2, Jimmy accidentally sends devices to the zoo along with monkey pants.


The Peak Point helmet is a simple helmet with a large revolving light, rounded to fit naturally on any head. The revolving light is usually either red or blue, when not flashing with light.

These devices can be easily mass-produced as shown in Specter's Factory in Ape Escape. When shown at the beginning, Specter's helmet looks like a normal Pipo Helmet in Ape Escape and Ape Escape 2. However, in Ape Escape and all others, the helmet was customized by Specter, in order to fit his spiked hair from the sides of it. It should be noted that most apes seems to have smaller helmets on their heads.

Revolving lightsEdit

At the top of a Pipo helmet, the revolving light is used to reflect apes' moods. This light can change very quickly and adapt to the ape's sudden mood change.

  • Blue: This color symbolize a calm and relaxed mood. The monkey usually attend to his own business.
  • Yellow: The monkey is in a suspicious mood. He will examine the area around him in order to see if there is someone nearby.
  • Red: This is the alert state. The monkey is ready to fight, to run everywhere and to throw banana peels against an assailant.


  • The fact that Specter could mass-produce these and even gain things other monkeys haven't clearly shows just how much of an intelligence boost these helmets have.
  • It is unknown how Specter was able to mass-produce Pipo Helmets in a short time.
  • As one was accidentally shipped with a bunch of packed Pants, it can be assumed that Natalie and the Professor make the monkey pants, which could/would contradict the first game in which, over time, they slowly learn what the pants indicate. However, you can also notice that Natalie and the Professor only had yellow pants. So the other colors may have been made by Specter as well.
  • There is Free DLC of the Pipo Helmet that only chimpanzees can equip in the game Tokyo Jungle for the PlayStation 3.
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