Peak Point Matrix/Final Get is the last level of Ape Escape and Ape Escape: On the Loose. The level can only be unlocked after capturing all 204 monkeys in the game, and is essentially a secret boss or true final boss, once completed, this level cannot be replayed.


The boss that Spike fights is Specter. In this stage, Spike and Specter make a deal - if Specter is to lose, he goes back to Monkey Park, and takes off the peak point helmet for good.

The basis of the boss is using all of the gadgets from the entire game to beat Specter, at the start, the player must hit Specter with the Slingback Shooter as he flies, after being hit a few times, he will attempt to hit Spike with a large pulse attack, to dodge this, the player must use the Sky Flyer to dodge this attack without losing one or two cookies. After this section ends, Specter's chair will fall and explode, now, Specter will run about with a shield, and occasionally throw fireballs at the player, to evade this, Spike must use the Dash Hoop, with this, the player can also attack Specter from behind. Most of the other gadgets can be used to break his shield. After a while, Specter will tire, and you must capture him with the Time Net. Capturing Specter will end the game, this boss cannot be replayed.

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