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Name(s) Japan ピポッチ (Pipotchi) Europe Pipotchi

America Pipotchi

Gender Male
Family Unknown
Height Unknown





Helping Jimmy.


Getting away from Jimmy.

Appears in

Ape Escape 2 USA

Voice actor(s)

America Tara Jayne Sands Japan Omi Minami

Pipotchi (ピポッチ) is a baby monkey accompanying Jimmy throughout his journey in Ape Escape 2. He is Jimmy's pet friend.

Appearance Edit

Pipotchi is a baby monkey wearing a pair of white strap-on suspenders. He also has wings on his back.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Pipotchi's backstory. All that is known is at some point Pipotchi was given a fake Pipo Helmet, and given to Jimmy.

Ape Escape 2 Edit

Destroying the Lab Edit

Pipotchi was present when Jimmy accidently destroyed the Lab, and sent the Pipo Helmets along with Monkey Pants. Due to Jimmy sending them in the first place, Pipotchi followed Jimmy. He was also present when Specter made his return.

Splitting Up Edit

When Jimmy & Pipotchi were in Casino City, they ran into the Professor. After Jimmy explained what the situation was about, Jimmy left Pipotchi in the care of Natalie and the Professor in order to continue his adventure without endangering him.

Escape Edit

When Jimmy enters The Blue Baboon, Natalie informs Jimmy that Pipotchi escaped while she wasn't looking. Believing that Pipotchi left to find him, Jimmy searches for Pipotchi while catching Monkeys.

Reunited Edit

Jimmy was able to find Pipotchi safely in Enter The Monkey.

Captured Edit

Shortly after they reunite, Pipotchi was captured by White Monkey and Red Monkey. After Jimmy beat White Monkey, Red Monkey escapes with Pipotchi. White Monkey reveals that the reason they took Pipotchi in the first place was to copy his date into the Lethargy Laser. Later on, Jimmy finds Red Monkey and reveals that they already got the data for Pipotchi for the Lethargy Laser. Jimmy beats Red Monkey in a fight, which frees Pipotchi.

Hunt for Specter Edit

Jimmy and Pipotchi heads to Code C.H.I.M.P. to capture Specter. However, a giant Yellow Monkey intervenes, causing Specter to flee to the Moon Base. Jimmy and Pipotchi follows him, and after a fight with Ultra Goliath, Jimmy finally captures Specter.

Specter's Final Plan Edit

It was revealed that Specter faked his capture, and was devised a final plan with the monkeys that Jimmy didn't originally catch. After Jimmy catches the remaining monkeys, they head to Specter's Secret Hideout, catch him, and then returned back to Earth, and crash lands into the Lab.

Trivia Edit

  • Pipotchi can sometimes catch Jimmy when he's about to fall.
  • Pipotchi will sometimes gives an extra cookie to Jimmy when he loses his last cookie, giving him a chance for a comeback.
  • Ape Escape 2 is Pipotchi's first and currently only appearance, as he was not mentioned in Ape Escape 3 or any other future titles.
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