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Name(s) Pipotron Red (Center), Pipotron Blue (Right), and Pipotron Yellow (Left).
Gender Male
Family Mystery Man (Creator)
Appears in

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Pipotron Red, Pipotron Blue, and Pipotron Yellow.

The Pipotrons (ピポトロン), known as the Pipotron Brothers (ピポトロンブラザーズ) in Saru Get You ~On Air~ 2nd, and known as the Apetrons in Ape Quest, are a group of monkeys, introduced in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed. They are new mysterious monkeys with strange abilities.

Biography Edit

Captured for Experiments Edit

In a jungle, the Mystery Man kidnaps 3 monkeys for his experiment. They are named the "Pipotrons", and were created for one purpose only; Kidnap Helga's dad to get the disk.

The Pipotrons break into Helga's house (while she wasn't home), and takes her father away. After discovering that Helga's dad doesn't have the disk, they find out that the disk is in the trophy in the High-Tech Tournament. The Pipotrons are ordered to win the tournament and get the disk.

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed Edit

The Pipotrons join the tournament, and participates in various events. At the end of the tournament, the Pipotrons steal the trophy, and discover the disk. The Pipotrons give it to a super computer virus called Grid Core, who wants to conquer the world. However, once he has the disk, the Mystery Man decides that the regular Pipotrons deserve the same fate as the others. The new villain introduces a new tournament (aka the virus-tech tournament), where the characters are fighting for their very lives while getting closer to the villain's lair. The Pipotrons, along with the other characters, reaches the new villain (in the form of Grid Core) and defeat him, the virtual world turns back to normal. The Pipotrons disappears, with their whereabouts unknown.

Ape Escape 3 Edit

The Pipotrons are secret monkeys that can appear in Ape Escape 3. After beating the game once, enter a password on the title screen, and one of the Pipotrons can appear in a stage.

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys Edit

The Pipotrons appears in Million Monkeys to help Specter.

Other Appearances Edit

Ape Quest Edit

The Pipotrons are the antagonists of Ape Quest. Here, they are named the Apetrons.

Saru Get You ~On Air~ 2nd Edit

The Pipotrons are the antagonists of the first eight episodes.

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

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