Porkies are enemies in Ape Escape 2, introduced in the first level, Liberty Island and making many appearances in later levels. Porkies attack by wildly shaking around; if Jimmy or Spike is in range of the shake, he will take damage.

Appearance Edit

Porkies are pink two-legged pig-like creatures with a swirl on top of their heads.

Phrase Edit

"A mix of pig and a secret ingredient"

Level Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Porky is tied with the Blue Porky for most appearances in different levels, with seven each.
  • The creation of the Porky is given some backstory in the Comic Strip titled "Birth of an Enemy," won from the Gotcha Box. In the comic, White Monkey instructs that combining a pig with "something smelly" (which appears to be feces) will result in the creation of Porkies when placed in his machine for three minutes.
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