Port Calm is the third level in Ape Escape 2.

Description Edit

The level is a small outside water town surrounded by buildings. It has a a couple of outdoor cafés and has Gondolas circling around the level.

Strategy Edit

One of the monkeys can only be reached by jumping from a Gondola or by using the Sky Flyer Gadget.

Trivia Edit

  • This level is based on the Italian city of Venice.
  • The monkey Florence is a reference to the city of Florence, Italy.
  • Dannyboy, Seanyboy, and Florence all have different names in the NTSC version than the PAL Version, and the phrases for Seanyboy and Dannyboy are different.

Time Trial Edit

This time trial requires you to catch 4 monkeys

  • Less than 50 seconds for the bronze trophy
  • Less than 40 seconds for the silver trophy
  • Less than 30 seconds for the gold trophy

The most efficient way to get the gold trophy is to first make sure you have the following Gadgets equipped Stun Club (or Magic Punch), Time Net and the Sky Flyer. First start by launching yourself towards the monkey Punto by holding both R1 and R2 at the same time. After that quickly jump up out of the water and catch him before he dives off his gondola. Then use the Sky Flyer to quickly fly up to the ledge and catch the monkey Florence. Once you have caught Florence double jump towards Chili and catch him. After he is caught quickly swim across to the other side of the bridge and then fly up using the Sky Flyer to finally catch Seanyboy.

Monkeys Edit

This level requires you to catch 5 monkeys the first time you play it

Dannyboy (Sonny NTSC)


Seanyboy (Monkichino NTSC)






Florence (Jen NTSC)






Manuel (Secret Monkey)

Enemies Edit


Tomato Bird

Pineapple Finch

Gallery Edit

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