Specter Coins are special hidden items found in different levels from the first Ape Escape Game, mainly produced by Specter himself.

Usually, 1 to 3 Specter Coins can be obtained but upon reaching higher levels more then 3 can be gained. Some are relatively easy to find, but others can be more hard to obtain, because they are almost always out of plain sight or hidden and usually require special objects in order to get them. Most of them can be found in the air or under the water. Once located and grabbed, a detailed Specter coin is shown several seconds before vanishing.

Specter Coins are used in Ape escape and Ape Escape: On the Loose as means to unlock minigames. For every ten coins found, a new minigame is unlocked. At the beginning of each level, Casi will show the player how many Specter coins are hidden and how many they have found so far.


The Specter coins are rather big, golden objects in a circle shape with a big gold Specter head engraved in the center. They seem to be hollow with the Specter head somehow connecting to the "ring" of the coin.



  • Ape escape 1 does not have a thirty coin value and directly goes up to 40. While in Ape Escape: On the Loose, it has a thirty coin value.


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