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Specter TV (スペクターTV) was a company featured in Ape Escape 3.

History Edit

Specter TV was founded as a TV Station that played and produced Monkey based series and content. However, this TV Station had an effect that paralyzed viewers with Lethargy, and become literal couch potatoes. Kei, Yumi, Aki, Natalie, and Dr. Tomoki were the only humans who did not watch Specter TV, and therefor, did not get infected. As Kei and Yumi travel on to defeat, they destroy many Specter TV Satellites, which slowly turned Specter TV off the airwaves.

When Kei and Yumi reach Dr. Tomoki, he slightly mad a foreshadowing to the Double Paradise Plan. Later on, Specter later revealed that the Double Paradise Plan was to chop the Earth in half with the giant arm of Space Station SARU-003, giving one half to Monkeys, and the other half for humans to fight over. Kei and Yumi called Specter out for how dumb this plan was.

After Kei and Yumi catch Specter, Specter TV was disbanded forever.