Specter TV Studio is the fifth level in Ape Escape 3.

Channel Guide Edit

Specter TV Studio is Channel 5. Here, "Specter TV: The other side -- A no-holds-barred exposé" / "Behind the Scenes of Specter TV" is filmed.

Description Edit

NTSC: Station anniversary tribute. A spectacle of love and sorrow broadcast non-stop for over 3600 hours straight! A look at THAT star... THAT persona...

PAL: Join Specter and friends in a tear-jerking, body-pumping 3600-hour long celebration of spectacularly pointless television!

Appearance Edit

Specter TV Studio is starts in a reception area, with multiple doors leading to multiple different studio sets

Monkey List Edit

NTSC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PAL
Monkey Name Monkey Title Monkey Name Monkey Title
Ukki Yan Receptionist Ookie Yang Front desk
Ukkipuss Singer Elvoos Singer
Minoh Paneller Monkeye Panel target
Monta Paneller Monta Panel target
Pipopam Cameramonkey Monkstrong Cameraman
Monpii Ukkichi Main George Hero
Gabimon Extra Rio Side role
Bananamon Main monkey Spiider Sim Hero
Mokinza Prop monkey D Brent Knowit Stagehand
Ukki Lee Ukki Model Ookiko Model
Ukkida Jiro Reporter Smoothy Verbage Reporter
Sal Ukindo Cameramonkey D Antenboro Cameraman
Gimminey Director Gimney Director
Hant Extra Hunt Extra
Chippino Pilot Chippino Pilot
Ukki Paul Film crew Nadine Camera crew
Sally Mon Film crew Silvia Camera crew
Bonly Film crew Jessy Camera crew
Monly Film crew Chimpy Camera crew

Time Trial Edit

  • Bronze - 01' 15" 0
  • Silver - 00' 50" 0
  • Gold - 00' 35" 0

Trivia Edit

  • Both Elvis Presley and Spiderman are referenced in this level, however both of these references are toned down in the NTSC release.

Gallery Edit

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