Teleborgs are the most common enemy in Ape Escape 3 and were created by Dr. Tomoki. Throughout the game, many different types of Teleborgs appear, some exclusive to the levels they appear in. All Teleborgs have a yellow toy wind up key somewhere on their body, though usually their backs. Striking the wind up key will cause increased damage, usually resulting in them exploding after one hit.

List of Teleborgs Edit

I-borg Edit

Dr. Tomoki's all-purpose mech. Parody of the I, Robot

A simple blue robot with yellow eyes, light blue accents and a big white T painted on the forehead.

Beckon-borg Edit

Beckon-borg Will summon more and more pals

A black camera that sits on a white and blue stand.

Clap-borg Edit

Handles the assistant director's role

Mana-borg Edit

Aki's modified Teleborg

Heli-borg Edit

Watch out when the drill comes out

Shutter-borg Edit

Will do anything to get a good shot

Resembles I-borg, but wears a red cap and carries a big camera.

Hammer-borg Edit

Jump to avoid the shockwave

Resembles I-borg but wears dark colored armor and carries a big hammer.

Light-borg Edit

It's hot! Don't get too close

Sneaky-borg Edit

One super-speedy pocket picker

An orange borg with a single wheel for a leg. Has black facial hair and blue eyes, wearing a black cap and striped top.

Bogey-borg Edit

Comes back to live another day

A small pink robot with green eyes and spiral "shell" on top of it's head.

Tele-robo Edit

Run him out of ammo!

A big green robot with a monkey's face on the main screen.

Water-borg Edit

Springs up at you out of the water

Jumbo-robo Edit

That's one mighty sucker of a nose.

A big orange-brown elephant robot.

Gun-borg Edit

Those twin shooters breathe fire

A blue borg with a mustache, yellow eyes, and dressed in a Mexican-cowboy themed outfit.

Box-borg Edit

Drops Teleborgs from mid-air

A white flying borg with blue face and yellow eyes.

Monkey Loader Edit

Machinery makes him dizzy

Punch-borg Edit

That rocket punch is pretty scary

Ninja-borg Edit

Throws stars like bolts of lightning

Cannon-borg Edit

Barrels on through with its big face

Nervy-borg Edit

Known to be a tad hasty

Monkey UFO Edit

Best to attack from a distance. In Ape Escape 3 they can stun Satoru or Sayaka with a beam of love hearts. In Ape Escape 2 if Jimmy/Hikaru gets underneath a UFO he will be sucked up into it and held in place, the monkey will then insult and humiliate him by farting on him, causing him to squirm helplessly.

Mammoth-robo Edit

Will swing those huge tusks around.

A blue robotic elephant with big tusks.

Desert-borg Edit

Don't get near the spinning blade

A blue borg with golden yellow eyes and black facial hair. Dressed in an Arabian outfit.

Hel-borg Edit

Don't call him Helmetton

A little pink borg with a huge metal, spiked plate on it's head.

Fly-borg Edit

Can also target you from far away

Yojimborg Edit

Uses iron claws to slice and dice

A blue borg wearing chinese attire with giant clawed hands.

Ramborg Edit

The beast's got a head start. Parody of Rambo

Shield-borg Edit

Just a really big coward?, Parody of RoboCop

Splitter-borg Edit

Beware of those quick drop attacks

Sneaky-borg Red Edit

Steals three times as usual?

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