The Big City is the fourth level in Ape Escape 3.

Channel Guide Edit

The Big City is channel 4. Here, "Banana Heat" is recorded.

Description Edit

NTSC: The #1 box office smash! (for its first week) Big-screen blockbuster about some guys waging a heated battle over bananas. All-star cast. Cost a billion bananas to make!

PAL: Number 1 nationwide! (for Mon. morning matinee only) A billion bananas were consumed in the making of this fabulously action-packed, car-chase filled exercise in excesses!

Appearance Edit

The Big City is a bustling urban area with Racer Monkeys driving down the road, a Cinema, a Football Stadium, and a Bank. Speedy Blue Pants Monkeys are introduced here.

Monkey List Edit

NTSC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PAL
Monkey Name Monkey Title Monkey Name Monkey Title
Ukima Sightseer James Observer
Monbolo Sightseer Hoolio Observer
Pipo Mondy Business-mon Ookie Man Business man
Ukki Mattan Racer Rik Racer
Bemucho Racer Vemucho Racer
Ukki Nader Bad guy Monkinator Thug
Sabu-sabu Director Mucho D. Mand Director
Ginjiro Gangster Pauli Gang member
Kichiemon Victim Oliver Victim
Ukkilun Dancer Buster Ooki Dancer
Bully-mon Competitor Gonta Athlete
Ukki Joe Competitor Joe Monkana Athlete
Tamaki Competitor Tamaki Athlete
Micky Oou Competitor Mickey Oo Athlete
Sally Kokoroe Business-mon Herman the Moose Business man
Monkey Manager Business-mon Joe the Mouth Business man
Supervisor Chimp Business-mon Sleepless Simon Business man
Boss Ape Business-mon Sven Business man

Time Trial Edit

  • Bronze - 01' 00" 0
  • Silver - 00' 45" 0
  • Gold - 00' 35" 0

Trivia Edit

  • The black and white film playing at the cinema as well as the monkey it stars is a reference to Charlie Chaplin.
  • Ukki Nader, a reference to The Terminator appears after beating Specter for the first time. Aside from the four monkeys in each stage's hidden room, this is the only monkey that has this behavior.

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