The Travel Station is the hub in Ape Escape 2, where Jimmy can access to any level.

Description Edit

According to Natalie, the Travel Station was Natalie's room, but due to Jimmy accidently destroying the lab, she was forced to transform her room.

The area has a warp gate, which can travel to levels. On the left of the Warp Gate, Natalie, and later the Professor, will be observing Jimmy. To the right of the Warp Gate, the Gotcha Box will be there, and Jimmy can trade in coins for rewards. Behind Jimmy is Pipotchi's bed.

Beyond the bed, there is an Entertainment Center, where all the rewards and extras are found. To the left of the Entertainment Center, there is a Save/Load station where Jimmy can save and/or load his game, as well as a Gadget Trainer where he can practice his Gotcha Gadgets. To the right of the Entertainment Center, there is a Minigame Station where you can play minigames.

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  • The Save/Load feature is symbolized by a black PlayStation 2 console and a rotating MagicGate 8Mb Memory Card. The previous Ape Escape also used a Memory Card as a save/ load symbol.
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