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AEMM Wallpaper 1 by PipoMadness1992
Virus Charu (ウイルスチャル), also called Virus Casi, is a corrupted clone of Casi.

Appearance Edit

Virus Charu looks similar to Casi, however there are several differences. Her clothing is different than Casi, and her hair is slightly different.

Personality Edit

Virus Charu is much more ruthless than Casi.

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys Edit

In Ape Escape: Million Monkeys, the challengers who seemed to be in a carnosity called a virus chal infected by a virus released by Pipotron Krack. She becomes ferocious and attacks Spike and co. within the virtual space. The surviving character (the challenger operated by the player) was outside so he was free from virus infection. Afterwards, the player must defeat 33 Virus Charus.

Although it will appear in Colosseum mode, other characters are only dangerous Scorchor and Dark Jake who are atrocious and high offensive abilities, so CPU is the weakest. (Even so, in the point that attributes are attached to gacha mecha, it is common with the above two people)


  • She is the 2nd Ape Escape female villain throughout the series besides Pink Monkey.
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